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What is the Teammate Referral Program?
DaVita’s Teammate Referral Program provides the opportunity for teammates to refer great candidates to the Village and in return receive recognition and potentially monetary awards.

How can I refer someone to the Village?
It is easy and it only takes about 60 seconds!  Visit and put in a few pieces of information about yourself and the candidate that you know and you are all done. 

What information do I need to provide when I refer a candidate?
In order for us to contact the great person that you know, we need to be able to get a hold of them and make sure that the right person on the Recruiting team is contacting them. 

What we need to know about you: Your name, Email address, and Phone number. What we need to know about your referral: Name, Email address, Phone number, City and State that they are interested in working in., and the type of position they would be a good fit for. 

What kind of communication will my referral receive?
Within 48 hours a recruiter will contact your referral.  They may also receive emails about new positions that they might be interested in.

What kind of communication will I receive after I refer a candidate?
Here is some good news: after you submit your referral you do not have to do anything else!  Recruiting will work directly with your referral to determine if there is an opportunity that they may be a good fit for.  You can kick your heels up and relax. 

How will I know if my referral was correctly submitted?
You should have a message that pops up on the website thanking you for your referral and you will also receive an email confirming that we received your referral.

Great news: my referral was hired.  Now what?
You are truly a hero to DaVita!  Thank you for helping us find great teammates to join the Village!

Will I get a referral bonus?
Possibly.  Only about 20% of DaVita’s positions offer a referral bonus. If the position that your referral is hired to does have a bonus then we will contact you shortly after your referral starts working to give you more details about your referral bonus payment. Referral bonuses are initiated for approval around the candidates start date and must go through at least 3 forms of approval before appearing on your bi-weekly paycheck. You can also contact the Referral Team at with any questions.

How much is a referral bonus?
If the position is does offer a bonus, then the amount is typically between $250 and $2,500. 

What positions offer a referral bonus?
Not every open position in the Village is bonus eligible. Bonuses are attached to positions on a case by case basis.

Are there referral candidates that would not be eligible for a referral bonus? 
We appreciate every referral that is submitted and any type of candidate can be submitted as a referral.  There are a few types of candidates that will not result in a referral bonus if the position is eligible:  former teammates, current teammates, guest teammates, per diem teammates and interns. Additionally, recruiting teammates, teammates with direct reports, per diem, and guest teammates are not eligible to receive referral bonuses.

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